For a quality job you need quality equipment

Equipment for welding & engineering

Fabrication equipment

6 x esab AC/DC 220 amp welding machines, Capable of all your stainless steel, aluminium, brass etc. welding.

3 x Lincoln 450 amp water cooled Mig welder.

1 x Murex trades mig 251 mig welder, capable of all your sheet metal work.

2 x Thermal arcs pulse welders 420 amps.

2 x Lorch 320 amps.

1 x Merkel PU 300k cnc controlled water cooled pulse welder 515 amps.

2 x EWM Wega 330 amps.

Kingsland corner notch 250mm x 250mm x 5mm capacity.

PRS 76 Tube and profile end grinder with linishing capabilities.

Amada 3000mm x 12mm cnc guillotine.

Edwards Pearson 3100mm x 200 ton press Brake.

80 ton Kingsland iron worker.

60 ton manual perice all sheet metal punch.

Tecna 4648 cnc controlled water cooled 25kva spot welder with multi head.

Rusch top saw 320 band saw manual.

Meba cnc auto saw production line.

Portable 450 amp hypertherm hand cutting plasma machine.

40000x2000 maximum sheet/plate size HD Esprit hypertherm cnc plasma cutting machine, maximum plate thickness cutting availability is 25mm.

Large radial arm drilling machine.

Machine shop hydraulic press 100 tonne

3mtr x 6mm manual powered rollers

2no manual Pillar drills

4 head multi station drilling machine complete with tapping head.

A vast selection of grinding and polishing equipment to ensure all your st/st if to a top level quality.

A vast selection of hand tools and power tools so we are able to arrive on site fully equipped for any job.

A Fleet of vehicles comprising from small transit vans to large 4mtr flat beds.

Machining equipment.

euro spark milling machining with D.R.O x 2.

Colchester triumph 2000 lathe with D.R.O 1no 1500mm + 1no 3000mm.




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